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FINGERS CROSSED IN LOS ANGELES, 2021 award nomination “Best Experimental”: ‘The animal that therefore I am’. In light of the international situation regarding the COVID-19 virus the festivaledition will be online

GOLDEN FOX TROPHY POST_17022021-01.jpg

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that you have been selected as a NOMINEE for this most Prestigious Golden Fox Awards 2021. 

Warm Greetings from Calcutta International Cult Film Festival.

Honorable Mention “Best Director”, Sprouting Seed International Ahort Film Festival 2020



FINALIST for the award of the year 2020 ARFF Berlin


AFTER MALTA, LOS ANGELES, ROME AND LONDON this year BACK TO INDIA. ‘The animal that therefore I am’ will be screened at the Arthouse Asia Film Festival, Kolgota, India

BEA_The Animal_A1_DEF.indd


SHORT FOCUS MAGAZINE, issue 2 reviews ‘The animal that therefore I am’, page 70-71.

SHORT FOCUS, page 70-71

Issue 02 - (Final - Interactive)36

BEST CAST: human ERIN HILL, wolfdog ONIDA, american eagle HERTOG, rabbit ALEXANDRA

Amsterdam World International Film Festival, Amsterdam, NL



SURPISE CANNES, “Best European Film” for ‘The animal that therefore I am’ at the Festival International du Film de Cannes, France. Links to the films of the online edition: 9th – 24 November.

Schermafdruk 2018-12-15 10.13.24

POETRY IN BERLIN, Prism: Feminist Voices with ‘The animal that therefore I am’, ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2020, coming Thursday at 19:00 hours, Berlin (online)

Schermafbeelding 2020-11-14 om 17.51.14

BEST SHORT for ‘The animal that therefore I am’, at European Cinema Festival Madrid, Spain. Awaiting its screening in the cinema’s in Madrid next spring 2021 (due to C-19) , now online, 24th October – 7th November

East European International Film Festival, “Best Experimental Film”, “Best Cinematography for short film”, “Best edit for short film”, “Best director for short film”, Warsaw, Poland

Schermafbeelding 2020-10-31 om 12.41.38.png

JURY PPRIZE (MERIT AWARD) at the Short Focus Film Festival in London, UK!!!

FRAME LIGHT, London UK, VOTE: ‘The animal that therefore I am’, program 3. Short Focus Film Festival has the actress ONIDA in their messaging. BRAVO wolfdoggie!

The animal that therefore I am has been officially selected for the Obskuur Ghent Film Festival, Fall edition 2020.

Your film will be screened on one or more of the following dates:

– Sunday October 18 – Sunday October 25 – Sunday November 15

– Sunday November 22 – Sunday December 13 

at Alfred Sküll Art Gallery, Alpacastraat 29, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.


SELECTION: ZEBRA Potry Film Festival, Berlin 2020

FINALIST IN VENICE. ‘The animal that therefore I am’ is a finalist for the Venice Film Awards. Fingers crossed

“Winner 2020”, Short Film Factory, Romania, Bucharest, USA, Europe (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, New Orleans, Santa Monica, Sacramento, Bucharest, Milano, Brasov, Frankfurt, Reykjavik, Vilnius, Tallin, Helsinki, Budapest, Antwerp, Baia Mare, Iasi, Oradea, Bacau, Craiova, and more…)

“Gold Award Experimental”, Hollywood Gold Awards, Hollywood, USA


“Best Experimental”, Short to the Point International Film Festival, Brașov, Romania

Schermafbeelding 2020-08-08 om 13.29.42

INDIA AGAIN: Kolkata, West Bengal

Best global shorts curates and screens the best of all shorts across the globe. We are also in process of launching an e-magazine to feature all the shorts and its makers in the magazine to inspire other film makers to create more and more short films. We also showcase audience reactions.


The Animal That Therefore I Am being selected for Short Focus Film Festival 2020!

Official Selection (LONDON yellow).png

Nomination “Best Film”, Short to the point International Film Festival, June 2020, Romania

SHORT TO THE POINT (STTP) is an international network of distribution, broadcast and promotion of short films.

STTP - Official Selection Laurel - Black Crocodile - June 2020

GOLD for ‘The animal that therefore I am’



25th July 2020

Being far behind with posts about screenings. Meanwhile over 75 festival screenings for ‘The animal that therefore I am’ and over 30 awards.


“Best Cinematography”, Film in Focus International Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania

“Best Short FIlm nominee”, Film in Focus International Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania

“Best Editor nominee”, Film in Focus International Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania


CHECK ONLINE, BEST 30 films 2019-2020: ‘The animal that therefore I am’, Kosice International Monthly Film Festival (KIMFF), Slovakia.…
The sale of tickets will start on April 20th. Tickets will be sold on FilmFreeway ( or our website (

Schermafdruk 2020-05-10 22.48.21.png

VOD DISTRIBUTION: ‘The animal that therefore I am’

Schermafdruk 2020-04-12 14.21.36


WINNER! LOVELY: ‘The animal that therefore I am’ has “Best Artistic Film Award” in Palermo. See LIMITED free screening of my film and that of the others at my previous post.


WATCH and VOTE! ‘ The animal that therefore I am’ = nr.12 in the program until April 10Th. Lift-Off Showcase Online Extravaganza is now live to the public and accepting votes! #LiftOffFilmFestivals

Schermafdruk 2020-04-06 10.53.15.png


LASA_March_2020_LaurelDESPITE … ‘The animal that therefore I am’ in Los Angeles.

WINNER! ‘The animal that therefore I am’ awarded “Best Experimental Film” at l’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival, LIAFF, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Hertog starring in Istanbul, ‘The animal that therefore I am’ at Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival, initiated by Katadrom Arts and Culture and Social Politics Association, 4th – 8th of March 2020 in Turkey, to then continue its yearly tour across other cities around the world.



How nice is that? Euphoric happy: ‘The animal that therefore I am’ as “Best Experimental” winner in New York. #newyorkmovieawardsBEST EXPERIMENTAL NY.pngfinalist.jpg










NICE! ‘The animal that therefore I am’ is winner at Kosice, Slovakia, December 2019


Home for Christmas, ‘The animal that therefore I am’ in Dordrecht: ‘Dag van de Korte Film’, The Movies

Eye Filmmuseum & IFFR present

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