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SixteenIFFJaipur, India, 26 – 28 August, 2019

Sao Paulo International Short Film festival, nomination “best Short Film”, Official Selection, August 21, 2019 to September 1

OAXACA FILMFEST X, OCT 4th-10th, Official selection, Mexico

Two Riversides Film and Art Festival, July 27 – August 4, 2019, International Short Film Competition, Warsaw, Poland

Around Films International Film Festival, December 5, 2020, Nomination: “Best Short Film”

Long Story Shorts, Berlin, July 25, 2019


Bankok International Film festival Sighns of the Night, Taiwan, 22 – 30 June

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ART FILM FEST KOSICE, Slovakia, 14 – 22 th June.

Section: Love & Anarchy (a representative sample of independent cinematic trends)


Jacques Derrida began his legendary ten-hour lecture at the 1997 Cerisy Conference by thematizing the moment when he, or a person, is the object of an animal’s gaze, thus taking up a critique of Heidegger’s distinction between humans and animals. “The first third is predominated by internal monologue (grounded in quotes from Derrida’s text) and images of the gazes of four creatures: a person, a dog/wolf, a rabbit and, finally, an eagle. In the second third, a dramatic conflict arises between these animals, one which is informed by a study of their actions. The animals divide themselves into predators and prey; the rabbit becomes the hunted, but the woman saves him by catching the wolf. Subsequently the woman’s actions find expression in playing the guitar: could this represent a search for harmony? Harmony and balance are established in the third part: the eagle is released from the studio; the dog stops chasing the rabbit. And the woman speaks of a new level of mutual acceptance between living creatures.” (Juraj Oniščenko, philosopher)


Asolo Art Film Festival, created in 1973 as a detachment of the Venice Biennale, Italy, 20 – 23 June.

AAFF19 black logoOfficial selection: THE ANIMAL THAT THEREFORE I AM

—————————————————————————————————–BUCHAREST SHORTCUT CINEFEST, Romania, 24 th May 2019.

Official Selection



Yeahh: ‘BEST ARTHOUSE FILM’ for THE ANIMAL THAT THEREFORE I AM. Thank you Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2019!

WINNER-StockholmIndependentFilmFestival-2019 (1)


STOCKHOLM FILMFEST, Sweden, 11-12 th May

‘The animal that therefore I am’, nominated for

“Best Arthouse Film”

Stockholm Filmfest 2019

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EXPOSED International Queer Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

12th May, 20:30 Moviemento


Programme together with ‘SWEDISH CANDY, SOME VIOLENCE AND A BIT OF CAT’ by Ester Martin Bergsmark 2018 Sweden 45′

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5th May, 22:00 PM Lichtburg Filmpalast Star Oberhausen: The animal that therefore I am, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen. International Film Festival Oberhausen 2019

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14 April , 19:15 PM Cinema The Movies Dordrecht: The animal that therefore I am prior to the feature film The White Crow ‘The white crow’, directed by Ralph Fiennes based on the true story of RUDOLF NUREYEV (performance Sergei Polunin)

Schermafdruk 2018-12-22 19.44.40

still The animal that therefore I am


27 February, OFFSCREEN, WORM, Rotterda

Off Screen #1 2019 – woensdag 27 februari 20:15 u 

In the February edition two IFFR world premiere films:
Vinyl junkies, a hypervibrous film by Elsbeth van Noppen about vinyl collectors, The animal that therefore I am by Bea de Visser, a poetic film about what the animal sees when you see it, and we show Consortium Frankemaheerd, an unpolished film by Hans Wilschut about the disappearance of a building. The makers enter into conversation with Christiaan van Schermbeek and Marieke van der Lippe.

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6 February, THE MOVIES, Dordrecht

Schermafdruk 2018-12-22 19.39.21CineFiliaal 6 febr .: At Eternity’s Gate + movie ‘The animal that therefore I am’ at Cinema The Movies, Dordrecht, 8:30 PM

From Art: At Eternity’s Gate + pre-film.
Another biopic about Vincent van Gogh. A rendition of Willem Dafoe with an Oscar nomination in the direction of Julian Schnabel.
Prior the film by the Dordrecht filmmaker Bea de Visser: ‘The Animal that therefore I am’.

Avanca International Film Festival

Screening dates IFFR, International Fim Festival 2019

The animal that therefore I am

(Screens before Nocturne by Viktor van der Valk)

Booking Date Time Location Type
Nocturne 29 Jan 2019 12:00 Pathé 5 Public
Nocturne 1 Feb 2019 18:00 Cinerama 1 Public
Nocturne 2 Feb 2019 18:30 LantarenVenster 3


“What does the animal see when it looks at me?” Three animals and a woman in an enclosed space. As they study each other, their own methods of communication create a wordless conversation. We view them in close-up and from various perspectives, with the woman as a solitary species in this universe. 

Voices Short
Bea de Visser
10 minutes
Bea de Visser
Bea de Visser
Adri Schrover
Bea de Visser

IFFR 2019 worldpremiere

67df3255-4c0c-4b77-a73b-69994d38b38cThe animal that therefore I am will premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in the section


Films driven by powerful stories, captivating subjects and important themes. Each film brings a distinct viewpoint on the world, by filmmakers with a confident voice.

IFFR trailer

175935-IffrLogo-3b7b88-original-1439201113IFFR 23 JAN – 3 FEB 2019

L’Animal que donc je suis

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The animal that therefore I am/ L’ animal que donc je suis                                                    ISAN: 0000-0005-03F3-0000-A-0000-0000-7

Preview copy available (english and french version) + presskit December 2018

ENGLISH – Contact me for the password

FRENCH –  Contact me for the password

Trailer + viewing copy both ENGLISH and FRENCH will be available December 2018


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