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Bea de Visser is recognized for her film art, installation work and sound
performances. In her work she questions elementary social issues in a cinematic language, poetic in nature and through an alternative narrative form.

Bea de Visser attended the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam (1993-1995). Prior she pursues her studies painting with a study electroacoustic sound. She initially began her career as a sound and performance artist in the trendy club scene and artist’s spaces early 1980-ies. With her installation work she was asked for international exhibitions in museums, art spaces and galleries, including MoMA
New York, National Museum Prague, Madrid, Pittsburgh and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Her films are screened at international film festivals worldwide.
Bea de Visser leads to date the independent studio Anotherfilm that nowadays works as a platform for scenario and film development.
She is a lecturer at the University of the Arts, Utrecht.

A Breath Hush (1996, short), Another Another (1999, short), The Barren Land (2001, short), Roses and Fall (2006, short), The Second Memory (2004, short), Just a Minute Yoko (2004, short), Mama Superfreak (2009, short), Chairs Missing (2011, short) The animal that therefore I am / l’Animal que donc je suis (2019, short).

Installations include: The Skipping Mind (1994, art installation), Blink (1997, art video),Vanya (2005, art video, 8-channel), Blowup (2002, art video, single screen), 7-Days (2000-2001, permanent installation, commissioned work), I-love-you (1998, 16mm film/ sound instalation), Modest Doubt cycle (2013, series performances), FLUX (1998, video/ sound installation), Nijinsky a life in a jump, a string about to snap (2005, video scenery, dance theatre), Catastrophes (2006, video scenery, dance theatre), Waterlanders (2001, video scenery, dance theatre).

Short films, album: short films

If you want to see the entire film instead of a fragment, please contact me

Installations, performances, video scenery:, album: installations

Anotherfilm / Bea de Visser

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If you want to see the entire film instead of a fragment, please contact me.

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