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l’aNIMal QUE DONC JE sUIs | THE ANIMAL THAT THEREFORE I AM | O ANiMAL QUE pOrTANTO SOU Bea de Visser . Holanda . 10′ . cor . 2019 

“O que o animal vê quando olha para mim?” Três animais e uma mulher em um espaço fechado. Enquanto se estudam, seus próprios métodos de comunicação criam uma conversa sem palavras. “What does the animal see when it looks at me?” Three animals and a woman in an enclosed space. As they study each other, their own methods of communication create a wordless conversation. FIlMOgRaFIa Da DIRETORa: A Breath Hush, 96/Another Another, 99/The Barren Land, 01/Just a minute Yoko, 04/The Second Memory, 04/roses and Fall, 06/ Mama Superfreak, 09/Chairs Missing, 11/The animal that therefore i am, 2019 CONTaTO: Bea de visser > 

sKIN | pELE Guy Nattiv . EUA . 20′ . cor . 2018 

Um pequeno supermercado em uma cidade operária, um homem negro sorri para um menino branco de 10 anos na fila do caixa. Esse momento inocente detona uma 

guerra implacável entre duas gangues. 

A small supermarket in a blue-collar town, a black man smiles at a 10-year-old white boy across the checkout aisle. This innocuous moment sends two gangs into a ruthless war. 

* Oscar de Melhor Curta-metragem, The Academy Awards, Los Angeles, EUA, 19/ prêmio do público Clermont-Ferrand iSFF, França, 19 

FIlMOgRaFIa DO DIRETOR: Stintflut, 02/Strangers, 03/Off Side, 06/Strangers, 07/ Mabul, 10/Dear God, 14/Magic Men, 14 

E&U European Short Film Festival, Frankfurt, Germany, Sept. 2019. “Celebrate the diverse Film Culture of the European Union”

CONTaTO: François Morisset > 

Yeah, Five Continents International Film Festival, Venezuela

October 2019, Going for ‘Best Shortfilm’

‘The animal that therefore I am’ at GLIFF, 19-28 Sept. 2019, Erie, USA

The International Festival of New Film is dedicated to all forms of innovative, personal, experimental, radical, subversive, different cinema, since 1996.

São Paulo Film Festival, nomination “Best Short Film”, 21 Aug – 1 Sept, Brasil


SixteenIFFJaipur, India, 26 – 28 August, 2019

Sao Paulo International Short Film festival, nomination “best Short Film”, Official Selection, August 21, 2019 to September 1

OAXACA FILMFEST X, OCT 4th-10th, Official selection, Mexico

Two Riversides Film and Art Festival, July 27 – August 4, 2019, International Short Film Competition, Warsaw, Poland

Around Films International Film Festival, December 5, 2020, Nomination: “Best Short Film”

Long Story Shorts, Berlin, July 25, 2019


Bankok International Film festival Sighns of the Night, Taiwan, 22 – 30 June

E_FISDN_Bangkok copy.jpg.220x220_q85_background-#EEEEEE



ART FILM FEST KOSICE, Slovakia, 14 – 22 th June.

Section: Love & Anarchy (a representative sample of independent cinematic trends)


Jacques Derrida began his legendary ten-hour lecture at the 1997 Cerisy Conference by thematizing the moment when he, or a person, is the object of an animal’s gaze, thus taking up a critique of Heidegger’s distinction between humans and animals. “The first third is predominated by internal monologue (grounded in quotes from Derrida’s text) and images of the gazes of four creatures: a person, a dog/wolf, a rabbit and, finally, an eagle. In the second third, a dramatic conflict arises between these animals, one which is informed by a study of their actions. The animals divide themselves into predators and prey; the rabbit becomes the hunted, but the woman saves him by catching the wolf. Subsequently the woman’s actions find expression in playing the guitar: could this represent a search for harmony? Harmony and balance are established in the third part: the eagle is released from the studio; the dog stops chasing the rabbit. And the woman speaks of a new level of mutual acceptance between living creatures.” (Juraj Oniščenko, philosopher)


Asolo Art Film Festival, created in 1973 as a detachment of the Venice Biennale, Italy, 20 – 23 June.

AAFF19 black logoOfficial selection: THE ANIMAL THAT THEREFORE I AM

—————————————————————————————————–BUCHAREST SHORTCUT CINEFEST, Romania, 24 th May 2019.

Official Selection



Yeahh: ‘BEST ARTHOUSE FILM’ for THE ANIMAL THAT THEREFORE I AM. Thank you Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2019!

WINNER-StockholmIndependentFilmFestival-2019 (1)


STOCKHOLM FILMFEST, Sweden, 11-12 th May

‘The animal that therefore I am’, nominated for

“Best Arthouse Film”

Stockholm Filmfest 2019

Schermafdruk 2018-12-22 19.42.31

EXPOSED International Queer Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

12th May, 20:30 Moviemento


Programme together with ‘SWEDISH CANDY, SOME VIOLENCE AND A BIT OF CAT’ by Ester Martin Bergsmark 2018 Sweden 45′

Schermafdruk 2018-12-21 00.06.55


5th May, 22:00 PM Lichtburg Filmpalast Star Oberhausen: The animal that therefore I am, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen. International Film Festival Oberhausen 2019

Schermafdruk 2018-12-22 19.43.54

14 April , 19:15 PM Cinema The Movies Dordrecht: The animal that therefore I am prior to the feature film The White Crow ‘The white crow’, directed by Ralph Fiennes based on the true story of RUDOLF NUREYEV (performance Sergei Polunin)

Schermafdruk 2018-12-22 19.44.40

still The animal that therefore I am


27 February, OFFSCREEN, WORM, Rotterda

Off Screen #1 2019 – woensdag 27 februari 20:15 u 

In the February edition two IFFR world premiere films:
Vinyl junkies, a hypervibrous film by Elsbeth van Noppen about vinyl collectors, The animal that therefore I am by Bea de Visser, a poetic film about what the animal sees when you see it, and we show Consortium Frankemaheerd, an unpolished film by Hans Wilschut about the disappearance of a building. The makers enter into conversation with Christiaan van Schermbeek and Marieke van der Lippe.

Schermafdruk 2019-02-19 10.10.23


6 February, THE MOVIES, Dordrecht

Schermafdruk 2018-12-22 19.39.21CineFiliaal 6 febr .: At Eternity’s Gate + movie ‘The animal that therefore I am’ at Cinema The Movies, Dordrecht, 8:30 PM

From Art: At Eternity’s Gate + pre-film.
Another biopic about Vincent van Gogh. A rendition of Willem Dafoe with an Oscar nomination in the direction of Julian Schnabel.
Prior the film by the Dordrecht filmmaker Bea de Visser: ‘The Animal that therefore I am’.

Avanca International Film Festival

Screening dates IFFR, International Fim Festival 2019

The animal that therefore I am

(Screens before Nocturne by Viktor van der Valk)

Booking Date Time Location Type
Nocturne 29 Jan 2019 12:00 Pathé 5 Public
Nocturne 1 Feb 2019 18:00 Cinerama 1 Public
Nocturne 2 Feb 2019 18:30 LantarenVenster 3


“What does the animal see when it looks at me?” Three animals and a woman in an enclosed space. As they study each other, their own methods of communication create a wordless conversation. We view them in close-up and from various perspectives, with the woman as a solitary species in this universe. 

Voices Short
Bea de Visser
10″37 minutes
Bea de Visser
Bea de Visser
Adri Schrover
Bea de Visser

IFFR 2019 worldpremiere

67df3255-4c0c-4b77-a73b-69994d38b38cThe animal that therefore I am will premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in the section


Films driven by powerful stories, captivating subjects and important themes. Each film brings a distinct viewpoint on the world, by filmmakers with a confident voice.

IFFR trailer

175935-IffrLogo-3b7b88-original-1439201113IFFR 23 JAN – 3 FEB 2019

L’Animal que donc je suis

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The animal that therefore I am/ L’ animal que donc je suis                                                    ISAN: 0000-0005-03F3-0000-A-0000-0000-7

Preview copy available (english and french version) + presskit December 2018

ENGLISH – Contact me for the password

FRENCH –  Contact me for the password

Trailer + viewing copy both ENGLISH and FRENCH will be available December 2018


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